Your host the donation textile recycling bin and we do all the rest.  All location bins look good and are maintained by American-Recyclers. As America becomes greener and recycling becomes a daily habit to all of us, providing your community or customers an attractive, convenient way to recycle their clothes, has become a priority. When you agree to place a textile clothing and shoe recycling donation bin at your location you:

  • Make it easier, safer and more convenient for people to recycle

  • Support your customers and community in their efforts to be responsible citizens and improve the health of our planet

  • Help the less fortunate around our community find affordable, usable clothing

  • Reduce the stress on our local landfills

  • Make a positive statement about your commitment to the community and the environment

  • Build traffic to your site, store and location as more people recycle their used clothing

  • Help support local charities


Host a Recycle Bin or Recycle Depot for your neighborhood, apartment complex or shopping center

An American-Recyclers Clothing Donation Box at your location is good business decision and convenient for everyone. We only need 16 square feet of your space to place a bin to give your community a convenient recycling location. Contact 866-259-1484 to see how you can “Host a Bin” or send us a message to learn more about Hosting a Recycling Bin for your neighborhood, apartment complex or shopping center. American-Recyclers, Recycle for Tomorrow.


American Recyclers is keeping billions of pounds of clothing, shoes, belts, purses and other accessories out of overburdened landfills


Donations are sorted and used based on item quality. If a rag, it is recycled and if not, it is reused and provided to those in need


Provide local employment opportunities, where our employees contribute to the economy of local businesses as well as create jobs abroad


We support established and recognized charities through our recycling programs, volunteering, community event participation

Our Sponsor Locations

All locations where a collection bin is located is deemed a sponsor location.  Collection boxes are well maintained regarding overall appearance to the public. Sponsor Locations are protected against any claim and provide a $2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance policy. Our Collection Boxes are attractive and constructed of fire-resistant metal and only take 16 square feet of space. That is less than 1/4 of a parking space. American-Recyclers Collection Boxes can help draw more customers to the businesses around our Sponsor Locations. Provide property owners with a small ancillary income as a part of Collection Box placement agreement. We are fully aware that you are NOT in the recycling business and American-Recyclers works diligently to assure we operate transparently.

American-Recyclers Donation Bins Details:

  • 100% Fireproof
  • Sturdy and Weather Proof
  • Professional 24 Hour Service
  • Regular Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Full Satisfaction or Prompt Removal
  • Attractive, safe and convenient

American-Recyclers Donation Depot Details:

  • 4 Solar Panel (hail proof) on the top of the Depot for power
  • 3 Cameras on the three outside corners of the Depot
  • 1 Camera for the inside of the Depot
  • 1 DVR for recording all motion activated activity for 30 days
  • LED Lights all around the Depot that turn on at dusk on off at dawn
  • 2 -200 Amp/Hour batteries supplying power for the cameras, lights and Internet
  • 1 Pure-Sine Wave Inverter
  • 2 Solar Powered Turbines (like Attic Fans) for keeping the inside cool for the drivers. They also have individual back up batteries.

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