What is Reuse Recycling?

Reuse Recycling has the smallest “carbon footprint” of any type of recycling. Opposed to other recycling there is no high temperature melting, boiling or burning. Most of what is collected for Reuse is sorted, graded and redistributed to those less fortunate than many of us. Collections deemed as unfit for Reuse are often cut into

Why Recycle Pre-Owned Clothing, Shoes and Apparel Articles?

The most recent studies done by the EPA and other private and commercial groups have found the following facts: There are over 300,000,000 people now in the United States of America alone. On Average, every man, woman and child “casts off” 82 pounds of Pre-Owned clothing, shoes, and other apparel articles a year. That amounts

What American Recyclers does by Recycling for Tomorrow

What American Recyclers does is called REUSE RECYCLING. We collect pre-owned clothing, shoes, bags and leather goods that would otherwise wind up in landfills. We help stimulate the local economy by: Providing Local Jobs within the Community. Salary goes back into the local economy. Buy fuel locally. Purchase service materials to support our collections effort

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